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As we age, we face health challenges. Teeth and periodontium change. Problems that were thought to have been overcome resurface. Tooth decay comes back into focus as we get older. Gum problems are increasing.

The jaws recede when there are no teeth left to maintain the necessary load. The various clinical pictures that arise with age and the associated increased medication intake present us as dentists and you, dear patients, with complex problems.

Below we have written a small outline of this topic, with the most important points and the necessary attention. We want to do our part to ensure that you can still enjoy biting even when you get older!

Saliva – the underestimated elixir of life

Saliva is like a magic fluid for the body. It has very important properties that help people stay healthy. Its influence extends far beyond the oral cavity. For example, saliva buffers acid, keeps mucous membranes moist, has an antibacterial effect and initiates the first step in carbohydrate digestion. You can Click here to watch the video read more about it.

With age, the amount of saliva produced decreases. Illnesses and medication can also lead to a massive decrease in saliva production. It emerges dry mouth, professionally Xerostomia mentioned, and this also causes a number of problems. First of all, there is the re-emergence of tooth decay, especially root caries. Due to the dry mucous membranes Injuries and increased periodontitis often occur.

We offer various products that are used to better moisten the oral cavity. In combination with more regular checks and professional teeth cleanings You can achieve a lot with our dental hygienist.

Through life with grit

Studies have shown that chewing function correlates 1:1 with physical mobility. Specifically, this means that if you can no longer chew anything, you become immobile and physically deteriorate rapidly. Being able to chew healthily is actually one of the basic requirements for autonomy in old age!

It is all the more important to take preventive measures in good time in order to maintain your chewing function. This includes functional dentures if, for example, you no longer have your own teeth or no longer have your own teeth. Removable dentures, i.e. prostheses, must be regularly adjusted to the changing jaw conditions. For example, they have to be expanded and refilled at certain periods of time.

The remaining teeth need careful care, especially since bleeding gums and loose teeth increase with age. In Switzerland in particular, the number of implants has increased dramatically in the last decade, often due to many advantages. These also require special care and Aftercare.

Radiation patients and those receiving medication for bone remodeling and osteoporosis need special attention. Our detailed health questionnaire helps us to respond individually to your personal medical needs.

We will help you with timely prevention so that you can still bite hard even in old age!