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For the most beautiful white teeth possible


Powerbleaching = from 490 CHF
Powerbleaching & dental cleaning = from 590 CHF
Homebleaching = from 400 CHF

Bleaching because beauty begins with a smile

With sparkling white teeth we are usually only laughed at by the media, but you will soon be able to do that yourself. All you have to do is look in the mirror and... smile! Modern dentistry and dental aesthetics make this possible through teeth whitening. To ensure that the result is the way you want it, we take care of your teeth in advance, remove unwanted discoloration and ensure that the tooth enamel is visibly brightened and your smile is radiant – faster than you think.


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Bleaching at the Dentanova dental practice


Bleaching not only works on the hair, but also on the teeth - of course particularly gently. Certain chemical substances based on peroxide are applied to the teeth by the dentist. The way these bleaching agents work is as simple as it is ingenious: they oxidize discolored organic components that have accumulated in the teeth over time (tooth discoloration), thereby changing the pigments in the teeth in a way that they no longer appear in color occur, i.e. the teeth or tooth enamel are whitened. With the modern dentistry systems we use, this is achieved in a gentle way that protects teeth and gums.


We offer two procedures for teeth whitening. You can choose between power bleaching, which immediately ensures brighter teeth in just 90 minutes, and home bleaching, which can be carried out comfortably at home from the sofa and is particularly suitable for people with sensitive teeth who want home bleaching to be a particularly gentle method Get teeth whitening at your fingertips. Simply arrange a free consultation. We would be happy to advise you on both methods.

Frequently asked questions

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure that has helped many people achieve a radiant smile. Many patients ask in advance whether teeth whitening is safe and painless and the question is of course legitimate. 

When performed properly by a dentist, teeth whitening is generally a very safe procedure. In our practice, we only use tested and certified bleaching products that are particularly effective and safe. 

Regarding the painless method some patients may experience increased tooth or gum sensitivity for a few days immediately after bleaching. To avoid any inconvenience in the first place, we conduct a thorough oral examination before teeth whitening to ensure that your teeth are suitable for the bleaching. For patients with dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease, these must be treated first before teeth whitening is considered. 

If you have sensitive teeth home bleaching is the ideal choice. Although this takes a little longer than the power bleaching procedure, it is gentler and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

In our dental office we use two different methods: power bleaching with the Zoom® method from the tooth bleaching market leader and home bleaching. 

Power bleaching with the Zoom® method
This method is definitely the fastest way to whiten teeth and takes place as follows. After a preparatory Dental hygiene / professional teeth cleaning (in a separate session in advance) the bleaching agent is applied directly to the teeth after covering the gums and often whitens them in just one session. 

The Zoom® method is very effective, proven and fast. Over a million successful treatments speak for themselves and we have received consistently positive feedback for this type of treatment and recommend it to you as the first choice for immediate results. 

The treatment process looks like this:

  • First, the teeth are briefly cleaned
  • The lips are then protected with a special holder
  • A special varnish is then applied to protect the gums
  • Now the patented whitening gel is distributed and activated with a special light. The carbamide peroxide in the gel now releases hydrogen peroxide, which diffuses into the teeth and dissolves color pigments
  • Finally, the teeth are covered with a fluoride gel

You can see the radiant results immediately and we record the results for you with before and after color taking and photos. The teeth usually reach their final color a day later, which can take a few months to see, depending on your habits (smoking, for example, accelerates darkening).

What should be taken into account with this method: Mild to moderate sensitivity of the teeth may occur during the treatment, but this usually disappears the next day. Furthermore, the teeth are somewhat rougher and more porous in the first 24 hours, which makes it easier for them to absorb dyes. During this time, it is recommended to avoid strongly colored foods.

Although home bleaching takes longer and is somewhat more complex than an in-office bleaching, it offers more lasting results (up to 2 years, depending on your lifestyle). Teeth whitening at home works using individually manufactured deep-drawn trays, which are worn at home for around 2 hours every day for 5-10 days. With the appropriate means, the splints can also be worn overnight, which requires less time and discipline. Once the splints have been made, they can be stored after the treatment has ended and used at a later date to whiten the teeth again or for fluoridation in between. Before you start bleaching at home, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist, as your teeth must first be completely freed of plaque. It should also be noted that the longer treatment duration with home bleaching can also lead to a temporary increased sensitivity of the teeth. However, there are remedies that you can wear in the splints from time to time instead of the bleaching agent.

Another big advantage is the possibility of repetition. All you need to do to bleach again is to get the material again. The splints are virtually indestructible and are yours!

We usually use the tried and tested and very well tolerated material Opalescence, in a 10% or 16% solution that can be worn at night. Or for those who want to bleach during the day, the DayWhite from Philips.

The durability of teeth whitening results depends on a number of factors, including diet, oral hygiene and the original condition of the teeth, and therefore varies from person to person. 

In general, you can expect teeth whitening results to last between 6 months and 2 years. This period of time can be influenced, for example, by factors such as excessive consumption of coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages, smoking and also the quality of daily tooth brushing.

Proper oral care can significantly increase the durability of the results. This includes regular brushing and flossing, routine dental exams, and professional teeth cleanings.

You can also bleach later again if necessary and thus maintain the desired tooth brightness. For example, we offer special aftercare sets for home bleaching that you can use at home, or we suggest additional sessions in our practice if necessary.

For power bleaching, the cost for the entire (visible) set of teeth is 590 CHF. For home bleaching you can expect to pay around 450 CHF (including follow-up checks). In addition 40-60 CHF in material costs comes on top.

If you want to maintain or even intensify the results of power bleaching for a longer period of time, you can order the home bleaching kit after your bleaching appointment. The impressions for the splints should be made beforehand - please inform us in good time before your bleaching appointment!!

PROMOTION in conjunction with power bleaching: Home bleaching for just 350 francs, including material for immediately white teeth with a long-term effect!

The duration and number of teeth whitening treatments varies depending on the type and severity of the discoloration present, the degree of whitening desired and the whitening procedure used. A typical in-office whitening session usually lasts 90 minutes. For most patients, just one session in the practice is enough to see visible results.

For deeper discoloration, multiple treatment cycles may be necessary. Alternatively, as described above, we also offer home bleaching sets that can be used over a longer period of time. The number of applications then depends on the strength of the bleach used and your individual needs.

The question of the tolerability of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth is a legitimate concern for many patients. A thorough dental examination before teeth whitening is always recommended. Here we identify any problem areas such as exposed collars, small cracks in tooth enamel or existing gum disease, which can contribute to increased sensitivity.

The good news is that teeth whitening is entirely possible if you have sensitive teeth. We reduce the risk of symptoms using tailor-made bleaching methods and materials. For example, bleach with a low concentration or a shorter application time can reduce sensitivity. We also offer special dental care products that can help minimize discomfort after treatment.

If you already have sensitive teeth, the sensitivity may temporarily increase, but this will usually go away after a few days.

Yes that works. However, this requires a certain amount of effort. To do this, the tooth is cleaned of old material and discoloration inside the crown and filled with a whitening agent. The product stays in for a week. Usually one to two rounds are enough. This is a very gentle yet cost-effective treatment for teeth that can have a major aesthetic impact in the front.

Single, root-treated teeth are charged around 300 CHF per “walking-bleach” session. Added to this are the costs for a new front tooth filling. We would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular and largely safe procedure for improving the appearance of your teeth. However, it is not always suitable for everyone. If you have the following circumstances, you should talk to our dentist Daniela Marinescu again about options.

  • Tooth and gum diseases
    Patients with untreated tooth decay, gum disease, or exposed tooth necks must first have these problems treated before whitening can be performed.
  • Existing dental restorations
    The bleaching process does not whiten crowns, bridges or fillings. 
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding period
    As a precaution, teeth whitening is generally not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Young age
    The procedure is usually not recommended for younger patients under the age of 16 because the tooth enamel is not yet fully developed.
  • Sensitive teeth
    Although teeth whitening is not fundamentally impossible for sensitive teeth, it can temporarily increase sensitivity. Individual advice is crucial in that case.
  • Allergies
    An allergy to the ingredients of the bleach (e.g. peroxides) is an exclusion criterion for the procedure.


Before carrying out teeth whitening, we always carry out a thorough examination and consultation to ensure that the procedure is suitable for you. If teeth whitening is not an option for you, we can discuss alternative methods to improve the appearance of your teeth.