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Cerec Innovative Zahntechnik aus Zürich

With the revolutionary method of Cerec (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction) we can offer you the following services :

  • Crowns on implants made of full-ceramic (e.max)
  • Inlay / onlay / crown restorations made of plastic / plastic ceramic hybrid or full-ceramic, depending on the indication
  • Veneers and minimally invasive adhesive bridges for the highest aesthetic demands
  • Dental bridges: Triple and multi-unit bridges (zirconium).
    From 4 parts-pieces on, in cooperation with our specialized Cerec dental laboratory. These are prepared, produced and fitted in in two consecutive sessions; therefore temporaries are necessary in this case.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics oder CEramic REConstruction is a CAD / CAM method for restoration of the chewing parts of the teeth. It was originally developed in 1980 by Prof. Mörmann at the Zurich University. This method allows us to save time and efficiently design and manufacture computerized ceramic restorations. Since the rather humble beginnings technology has developed, working with three-dimensional images. Thus, very precise dental restorations have become possible. It is one of the most studied modern methods of dentistry and allow us to manufacture and fit in the necessary ceramic filling in a single session.

This is done by means of an optical image, the basis of which inlays, onlays or crowns are designed individually on the computer. These are then ground out of a ceramic block with a special grinding machine.

Apart from the proven feldspar we are also working with the e.max CAD. This is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic block with particular characteristics. In pre-crystallized state, the material is blue-purple and can be ground into the desired shape. Thereafter, this ceramic is individually painted and fired in a special oven at 840 ° C. This leads to a substance conversion that creates an exceptionally stable and esthetic ceramic.

The e.max CAD blocks have a natural brightness. By translucency (light transmittance) and the variety of colors, it is easily possible to produce fully anatomical and highly aesthetically restorations (crowns) of this glass-ceramic. This is of course a two-stage procedure, as the restorations must be burned. Who wants to avoid waiting time can get the full treatment in one day, with a break of only 1-2 hours in between. In addition to the excellent characteristics, the CEREC technology, allows saving time and money.

Our Cerec:

Cerec Bluecamlatest version (4 – the software is constantly updated, we are always on the cutting edge of technology), grinder MC X for dental use.

Do you need more information about the system? Click this link to download brochures (extensive information for users).