Oral surgery

Implantology, bone reconstruction, wisdom teeth removal & more


  • Bone reconstruction with your own tooth material (SmartGrinder) = from 250 CHF
  • Bone reconstruction with Plasmasafe (blood PRA) = from 400 CHF


Oral surgery is a part of dentistry that involves various surgical procedures in the mouth and jaw. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience, you can enjoy minimally invasive and maximally gentle treatment with us. In a personal, relaxed atmosphere with Med. dent. Dana Marinescu and our treatment team. Our range of treatments includes, among other things, implantology, bone augmentation, removal of wisdom teeth, root tip resection, separation of lip frenums, removal of cysts and other therapeutic measures.


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The best solution for tooth loss is the placement of artificial teeth, so-called implants, which are achieved using screw threads that are firmly inserted into the jawbone. They fit seamlessly into the existing teeth and offer maximum support and comfort even with dentures. As dentures, they replace the natural roots in an elegant, painless way and ensure an optimal, secure feeling when chewing and speaking. For more information visit our Implants page.


Due to various causes, the bone substance in the upper and lower jaw can slowly deteriorate over the years, which can cost the teeth support and stability. Especially in the field of implantology, a sufficiently stable and high jawbone is required for placing implants. If the bone substance is not sufficient, the bone can be rebuilt using modern methods. The body's own or high-quality replacement material is used here.

Additional Services

There is often not enough space in the jaw for the so-called wisdom teeth. Around In order to prevent problems such as loss of function, shifting of the row of teeth, inflammation, misalignment and cyst formation, it may be necessary to extract individual teeth.
But there is no need to worry: we only pull teeth if it is absolutely necessary and otherwise we aim to preserve the natural teeth for as long as possible. If it is necessary to extract teeth, this should be done as gently as possible. Local anesthesia is usually sufficient for painless treatment. If the wisdom teeth are so displaced in the jaw that removing them is risky, we will refer you to a specialist, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

During root tip resection (WSR), the root tip is removed by the dentist and the root canal is then sealed, which is usually necessary in the case of a chronically inflamed root tip or previous inadequate root canal treatment. The WSR is an effective measure for the long-term preservation of teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.
By removing the root tip, removing the inflamed tissue and sealing the root canal in a bacteria-proof manner, the WSR effectively prevents infections of the surrounding jaw bone tissue and possibly the loss of the tooth.

The labial frenum (technical term: medial frenulum) is located in the middle between the front incisors. If it starts far down and is very robust, the result is usually a noticeable gap between the two incisors. In addition, due to the strong pulling force of the band, the gums may recede at this point. A consequence of this can be the worsening of existing periodontitis. The labial frenulum can also have a disruptive effect on the fit of dentures because it persists even after the central incisors are lost.

If necessary orthodontically, the separation or even removal of the lip frenum is usually carried out in childhood, but can also be necessary in adulthood. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is usually very quick and painless. We use lasers for this purpose in our practice.