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Thanks to our mobile treatment unit we are highly flexible. What this means is that we can treat you directly on site. This applies particularly to retirement homes, nursing facilities and to needy or mobility-impaired patients, but individual home visits are also possible. We are happy to make an important contribution to dental care and thus quality of life for our customers. Our goal is to restore and maintain a healthy oral cavity with reliable teeth and functioning dentures.


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Mobile dental services Zurich


  • Check-ups
    Elderly and people with limited mobility are at particular health risk. This is particularly true for residents of retirement and nursing homes or older people who live alone at home. A conscientious initial examination, regular check-ups and cleaning of teeth and dentures are the cornerstones of the mobile dentist service.
  • Easy services
    Smaller treatments we do directly on-site. These include Dental fillings, restorations and corrections to the existing ones dentures, reattachment of Dental crowns, basic cleaning and temporary relining of dental prostheses as well as treatments for pressure points. In addition, we respond particularly quickly in emergencies to ensure rapid relief. Extractions are also possible on site.
  • Larger interventions
    For larger treatments, such as the production of a new prosthesis or denture or for repairs and permanent relining, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate. There are usually several options available. After consultation with the patient, we decide together on the best solution.


Our mobile dental services for Zurich enable holistic health care for patients in retirement homes and care facilities that goes far beyond pure dental care. It contributes significantly to increasing the quality of life and supports care facilities in their efforts to ensure comprehensive and efficient care. Our on-site services are designed to best meet patient needs. We also put great value to respectful and gentle treatments to ensure that everything is as pleasant as possible.

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Our well-coordinated team looks forward to treating you on site. Our mobile service is available to you by appointment. You are welcome to contact us Click here to watch the video Requests.

The cost of the treatments for you as a patient is a maximum of 200 to 300 CHF for an examination with teeth cleaning. Emergency treatments or small treatments required in addition to the examination usually do not exceed 650 CHF. For larger treatments, we will provide you or the facility with a cost estimate.
The services for self-paying patients are billed with a tax point value of 1.05 according to the new Dentotar tariff (equivalent to CHF 3.50 according to the old system). For all other guarantors (public welfare, health insurance or insurances), the mandatory minimum tax point value of 1.00 according to the new Dentotar tariff applies (equivalent to CHF 3.10 according to the old system).

  • Treatments in familiar surroundings
    One of the most notable advantages is that the treatments take place in the patient's familiar surroundings, which is particularly valuable for older people or people with limited mobility. This convenient solution reduces the stress and anxiety often associated with visiting a dentist's office.
  • Improved oral and general health
    Regular and easily accessible dental care can significantly improve oral health, which in turn has a positive impact on overall health. A healthy mouth can reduce the risk of serious emergencies such as abscesses or infections.
  • Optimization of nutrition and activation of the chewing muscles
    Healthy teeth are essential for a balanced diet. Pain in the mouth area can lead to poor nutrition. By treating dental problems, the chewing muscles can be activated and thus food intake and digestion can be improved.
  • Reduction of infections
    An unhealthy mouth can lead to a number of other health problems, including pneumonia. Such infection risks can be minimized through regular dental care.
  • Economic benefits for care facilities
    Patients with limited mobility typically require transportation to a dental office, which can be both logistically and financially burdensome. Mobile dental services eliminate this need and thus reduce the costs and organizational effort for care facilities.