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Bleaching Smile

Ours has been for some time now Laser whitening action already over – time to take stock.

Thanks to the lively participation, we had a large selection and were able to treat entire sets of teeth as well as individual discolored, mostly dead teeth. The results are to be proud of. In all cases, the teeth were whitened by at least one level.

However, some teeth respond better than others. In any case, teeth with a gray haze or a naturally yellow-reddish dentin are difficult. The dentin (tooth bone) is the layer of tooth immediately beneath the enamel. It is usually yellow, but depending on the plant it can also have a reddish tone.

Since only enamel can be bleached, a more strongly colored dentin shines through. In this case, repeated bleaching will not help. You then either have to come to terms with your natural tooth color (especially if your teeth are otherwise intact) or switch to alternatives, such as veneers. In these cases, to be fair, you have to lower your expectations. Unfortunately, no method can promise sink-white teeth.

Experience has shown that even older, sometimes heavily worn dentures can still be lightened by one or two levels.

Additional small aesthetic corrections with composite can make a set of teeth look more attractive.

In any case, the results on dead teeth are remarkable.

Patient feedback:

We had different feedback on the treatment process and tolerability.

One patient had sensitive teeth on the same day and evening; a patient with very thin teeth felt it more strongly during the treatment. Most had no symptoms at all, neither during the treatment nor afterwards. The rubber protection was sometimes found to be a hassle, but it is essential.

Overall, we are convinced of the method and patient acceptance is high.

The price for a regular treatment is 500 CHF, which in our opinion is justified for such a complex and time-consuming session.