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Denture held

Firm hold for lower jaw prostheses

Image of a lower jaw prosthesis

Is your lower jaw prosthesis acting on its own again and not holding properly? Then get rid of this wanderlust now!

Unfortunately, many lower jaw prostheses hold poorly or not at all or only with the help of adhesive cream. The cause lies in the condition of the lower jaw: often the jawbone is too flat or too much bone material has already been broken down. Prostheses can then no longer provide the necessary stability. The problem is often exacerbated by dry mouth, which particularly affects older patients.

Dentanova offers you the perfect solution for your lower jaw prosthesis!

Implant for better support for prostheses

Implant with high-tech materials

For attachment, we place two implants in the lower jaw, which are connected to the prosthesis using so-called locators. A locator acts like a reverse push button. There is a recess in the implant head into which the counterpart of the prosthesis can snap. The counterpart consists of a metal shaft into which rubber bands of different thicknesses can be inserted. This creates a much stronger connection between the prosthesis and the jawbone - and the prosthesis lasts!

After both implants are gently placed under your existing lower jaw prosthesis, you can put weight on them immediately. This means that your prosthesis immediately has a pleasantly secure hold! After a three-month healing period, the hold is finally improved through an even stronger connection and you can put full weight on the prosthesis again.

Thanks to the simplified handling (no reopening necessary), we can make you an extremely attractive offer:

Two implants with locators for only 3,500 francs

With this offer, not only is biting really fun, but the quality of life is also soaring!

Note: If the jawbone is severely degraded (bone loss), a slightly different approach is necessary and you may have to work on both sides. If you already have a denture with snap fasteners that still sits and rocks on your own teeth, the hold can be significantly improved with implants. Of course, you can also have 4 implants placed in advance, which creates optimal conditions for a firm hold even in difficult cases. The price then varies accordingly. Simply contact us for a detailed plan and cost estimate. We will be happy to create this for you after a thorough preliminary examination!