Invisalign provides you with a beautiful and confident smile - for any age.

Not everyone had the opportunity for orthodontic interventions at a young age, but luckily, with the help of the transparent aligner from Invisalign, it is never too late for aligned, beautiful teeth and a positive and friendly appearance.

For this reason, the invisible braces from Invisalign are quite trendy and a very popular intervention among young and old. Made by professionals you will get exactly the right tools for boosting your smile and self-confidence.

Find out about the latest trends and familiarize yourself with the possible risks by reading this article on the topic of "A beautiful smile with Invisalign, the invisible braces for kids and adults".

Beispiel einer Invisalign Behandlung vorher nachher Bild

Before and after successful treatment.

The difference is palpable.

Which trends are in?

One of the latest market research reports from Market Research Future (MRFR) shows that the global Clear Aligner market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 20.80% from 2018 to 2023.

This growth is mainly due to the growing demand for dental corrective measures that do not compromise the visual aesthetics of an individual's face. Conventional braces are usually not very popular due to their unmistakable appearance. Regardless of whether you are a child or adolescent, adults are not particularly fond of conventional braces.

Additionally, an increasingly higher disposable income is leading to a much greater demand for more advanced tools for dental corrective procedures and interventions.

As a result, the number of product innovations is increasing and the market for advanced products for beautiful teeth is growing and growing.

But be careful, dubious start-ups offer cheap treatments with bad results. Of course, the price of these companies may be tempting, but your teeth and smile deserves professional treatment from a professional dentist. Choosing the professional option pays off fast, too.

Another widespread thing are home-made braces, so-called “DIY braces”, which can be ordered on the Internet. We strongly recommend that you stay away from these cheap or self-made products, because these braces can have a very serious negative impact, if handled incorrectly.

Engstand Zaehne vor Invisalign

Example: Packed and crooked teeth in the upper and lower jaw

Invisalign Ergebnis nach Bleaching

Result after treatment and bleaching: straight and radiant white teeth!

If you want straight teeth, you should familiarize yourself with these risks prior to treatment

Do you need to see a dentist for a nicer smile?

Naturally, it sounds tempting to get your teeth straight without a dentist visit. Yet, don't panic of oral surgery or similiar. As a rule, the entire treatment is painless and without complications. Provided, of course, that you seek advice and treatment from a specialist.

How to avoid the loss of healthy teeth!

False pressure on the teeth can lead to loosening of teeth roots or to an exposure of dental necks. In the worst case scenario, individual teeth can be lost. To straighten teeth, you need specialist knowledge and proper training. Experiments are therefore absolutely not advisable. But here too, if you visit an expert, your teeth will stay healthy.

When not to use the Invisalign method?

If teeth are severely misaligned, they must be treated differently. In addition, Invisalign therapy can only be used after growth is complete. A specialist will be happy to explain the individual options to you.

Good oral and dental hygiene is an absolute must for successful teeth straightening

Invisalign aligners are not only invisible, at the same time the Invisalign method is characterized by a high level of hygiene. The aligners are simply removed for eating and dental care. It does take some discipline, however. If the aligners are forgotten or are not worn regularly, the desired treatment goal will only be achieved much later. Anyhow, it's worth it! Your smile will only get more beautiful.

Conclusion and further case studies

As you can see for yourself, the path to a beautiful and self-assured smile is not difficult, and at the same time at a reasonable cost and without an annoying feeling - thanks to Invisalign! So take the opportunity to give your smile even more expression and attractiveness.

A professional oral surgeon will be happy to explain the various ways and a sensible therapy so that you or your children can benefit from beautiful teeth and advise you for the right treatment. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a "beautiful smile" without annoyingly fixed braces and you will soon present yourself from your best side - always.

Case study 2: Straightening of the upper jaw

Oberkieferbegradigung mit Invisalign

Case study 3: Vampire tooth before, after

Vampirzahn Begradigung durch Invisalign

Case study 4: Straightening of the lower teeth & improved aesthetics in the upper jaw

Fallbeispiel Invisalign Vorher

Case study 2: Straightening of the upper jaw

Oberkieferbegradigung mit Invisalign

Case study 5: Before and after the Invisalign treatment

Case study 6: Our former trainee after the Invisalign treatment can laugh freely!