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Tooth jewelry

Beautiful teeth and therefore a fascinating smile thanks to creative, self-selected decorations are very trendy. In the USA, 20 percent of young people have now had dental jewelry applied. By the way, dental jewelry refers to decorations on the front teeth or incisors that are glued on with a special adhesive. Healthy teeth decorated with stones, gold or glitter ensure a radiant smile and make your teeth even more beautiful.

Teeth with dental jewelry

Take the chance to make your smile even brighter and go through life even more attractive and self-confident. Maybe you are currently looking for a job or looking for the right partner? Enchant your counterpart with this absolute eye-catcher.

The whole procedure is completely painless and can be done under professional guidance without leaving any residue if the jewelry needs to be changed or removed. So that you can have a “bright and beautiful smile” and enjoy your dental jewelry for a long time, here is an overview of the various options and tips on how to use them correctly.

Popular trends and different variants of tooth jewelry

The different stones and glitter are now very diverse and creative. The range goes from Twinkles (Brillis), Dazzlers, Skyces and Grillz to tooth caps and tooth tattoos.

• Twinkles (Brillis)
Twinkles are small rhinestones that are permanently glued on. Nowadays they are used in different colors and shapes. These are applied correctly by treating the adhesive area with a solution that roughens the tooth surface. This means that the adhesive holds the tooth surface and the stone better.

• Dazzlers
A dazzler is gold foil that is glued directly to the teeth by the dentist. Here too, the tooth surface is roughened so that the special adhesive holds.

• Skyces
Skyces are stones glued to the crown or neck of the tooth. Most often these are diamonds, zirconia or stones made of crystal glass. The dentist drills a small hole in the tooth enamel and sticks the stones on. Regular dental care several times a day is essential to keep your teeth healthy.

• Grillz
Grillz are metal caps that are placed over the front teeth. High-quality Grilliz are made of platinum, gold or silver, but cheaper versions are now also possible. The metal flaps are decorated with gemstones and sometimes even lettering. Professional work and thorough cleaning are also essential here to ensure the health of the teeth.

• Dental caps
These metal caps are usually made of silver, gold, or platinum and, like grillz, are pushed over the front teeth and decorated as desired. Tooth caps or rap caps are particularly popular with rappers.

• Tooth tattoos
Like tattoos on the body, tooth tattoos are small images that are attached to the front teeth. Depending on whether they are intended to last permanently, the images are applied differently. Long-lasting tooth tattoos are applied using a dental crown, which requires pre-treatment of the tooth. Alternatively, there are also pictures, which, however, come off after a few days.

Whatever piece of jewelry you choose, under professional guidance you are guaranteed to add even more magic to your expression. You have the luxury of choice, so have fun choosing.

To ensure that your smile shines for a long time, here are a few tips on how to properly handle your dental jewelry

One of the most important requirements for dental jewelry is healthy teeth and conscientious oral hygiene. It is best to seek advice from a specialist. If your teeth are affected by tooth decay or periodontitis, you should clarify this with your dentist in advance. A dental specialist will also be happy to discuss possible allergies to the materials to be used and any side effects with you in detail.

For lifelong, pain-free radiance, you should always go to a professional and have your tooth jewelry installed by a professional. We can only strongly advise you against sticking on jewelry yourself using superglue or similar capers.


“Shine bright like a diamond”! Your teeth and smile can soon shine like a diamond. With the right care and professional treatment, it can last a lifetime. You are guaranteed a radiant smile and a perfect appearance.