Our team

Med. dent. Dana Marinescu
Dentistry Member SSO Zurich

  • State Certificate (1993) and residency in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Preparation assistant with Dr. J. Kollmann in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (1994)
  • Dentist at offices of H. G. Stickelmann & Dr. M. Reher in Frankfurt, Germany (1995-1997)
  • Resident dentist in a joint practice with Dr. J. Reuter in Rodgau-Nieder Roden, Germany (1997-2001)
  • Resident dentist in a joint practice with Dr. P. Schickling in Aschaffenburg, Germany (2001-2004)
  • Assistant dentist in Dr. Daniel Ansermet office in Lucerne, Switzerland (2004-2013)
  • Opening own dental office, Dentanova, in Spring 2013 in Zurich

“To run my own dental office with a wonderful team is a dream come true and gives me great satisfaction. The positive response and trust given to us by our dear patients are a priceless gift. I would like to take this opportunity and express my fullest gratitude to you!”

Your Med. Dent. Dana Marinescu

Caring for your needs

ihre zahnaerztin in zuerich

Amanda Bärtschi

Our gem at the reception and competent assistant for all cases.

Amanda is a dental assistant and prospective PA Assistant. She started her training early this year as a PA-assistant and will be well qualified to offer dental cleanings in the near future.

Ms. Bärtschi manages office organization and assists the dentist in surgery and difficult treatments. Furthermore, she manages appointments and organizes our Recalls.

She is your first contact for scheduling and making appointments including receiving background information. Ms. Bärtschi is a friendly face in our team and will advise you competently and quickly. Do not hesitate to contact her. She is fully committed to do the best she can to help you get good service.

Nino Torres

Our specialist for dental hygiene.

Ms. Torres is gentle but also very thorough in her work. With her you are in the best hands as she helps you keep your teeth clean and maintain a general oral health.

Ms. Torres is well trained for supra- and subgingival tooth cleaning and advises you in the proper use of a toothbrush, dental floss and more. When necessary she also treats individual gum pockets with a laser. Her aim is decay and disease prevention. For patients who don’t like the use of ultrasound, she can clean teeth manually upon request. Please ask her prior to treatment.

Ms. Torres advises you in the use of various teeth care products such as electric toothbrushes, interdental brushes and dental floss and is the right person for all matters regarding teeth hygiene.

Dentalexpertise von Nino Torres

Dental Assistenz

Nilaany Thambirajah

Nilaany ist unsere Lehrtochter im zweiten Lehrjahr.  Ihre schnelle Auffassungsgabe, selbstständiges Denken und Initiativfreude sind uns bereits im Schnupperkurs aufgefallen. Jetzt schlägt sie sich schon wacker im zweiten Lehrjahr und ist mir eine grosse Hilfe bei der Stuhlassistenz.

Anfänglich war sie noch etwas schüchtern, aber ihre ruhige und ausgeglichene Art tut uns und den Patienten sehr wohl. Und sie wird von Tag zu Tag mutiger und aufgeschlossener! Ausserdem ist sie unsere zuverlässige Dolmetscherin für Tamilisch.

Wir haben grosse Freude an der Arbeit mit ihr, weiter so, Nilaany!

Our philosophy

We don’t treat just teeth. We treat people!

It is especially during a dental visit that you want to feel in safe hands. A personal, friendly approach and a focussed consultation in a relaxing environment is very important for you aswell as us.

We only offer treatments and services that are useful for you as an individual and we provide you with information in detail about all available options. Thanks to modern, innovative technologies we can guarantee a particularly gentle and safe treatment and fair conditions.

How do you know we are the right doctor for you? Because know the following is true:

Patients are released. Persons visit us again ♥

Benefit from modern dentistry

In recent years, dentistry has benefited from breakthrough innovations, marking moments of advancement for our office. You too can find grounds for celebration:

For example, the introduction of dental lasers treatments meant treatments can be contact-free and and painless. Simply said: We can drill without a drill!

Furthermore, with Cerec we can offer high quality, biocompatible, all-ceramic crowns and bridges typically in a single session. The special highlight: We have set up our systems in such a way in our office that you can see how the solid ceramic crowns are milled with your own eyes.

Also, the EMS Air-Flow Master has proven to be a very special prevention device giving us several advantages. Using a mixture of air, powder and water we gently remove deposits from teeth, root surfaces and implants. This method is efficient and reliable. It’s what we call professional dental cleaning at the highest level.

As you can see, your oral health is in good hands with us.

We do our best to look after you in a comprehensive, competent and gentle way.