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Different paths lead there. We would like to introduce two that we use in practice: Invisalign and bleaching. We will show this using two practical examples.

Invisalign – teeth straightening made easy

Before Invisalign treatment

Bianca before Invisalign treatment

Invisalign before treatment

Tooth crookedness before treatment

The first case is Bianca, who was unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth. She initially had crowding in the lower jaw and the front teeth in the upper jaw were not aligned. Her wish was to resolve the crowding and bring the upper teeth into line, in other words, to achieve a harmonious bite.

Bianca after Invisalign treatment

New smile after Invisalign treatment

Teeth straightened after Invisalign

Interim result shortly before the final correction

After Invisalign treatment, a completely new picture emerges. The crooked teeth are completely straightened. The smile looks cinematic.

Method: Invisalign, 20 splints above and below + 14 more below for re-correction of the lower jaw

Duration: 6 months + 2 additional months of correction of the lower jaw

Aid (reduces the treatment to almost half): Orthopulse

The following video shows the Invisalign treatment process.

Edona before Invisalign treatment

Edona before treatment with Invisalign

Strongly positioned canine

Strongly positioned canine

Top view dental board

Top view dental board

The second case is Edona, our former trainee. Her biggest problem was the displaced left canine, which bothered her so much that she never dared to laugh openly! We also didn't like her shifted center line and planned to adjust the center lines.

Edona after Invisalign treatment

Edona after Invisalign treatment

After Invisalign treatment

The tooth is back in line

A complete success with Invisalign

A complete success

Although it was an ambitious project, we dared to tackle this case with Invisalign - and it worked wonderfully! Edona now laughs with all her heart at every opportunity and finally has the courage to show her beautiful teeth in photos!

Method: Invisalign, 31 rails above/13 below

Duration: 15 months without Orthopulse

The following video shows the Invisalign treatment process.


Bianca wanted brighter teeth after the Invisalign treatment, so we bleached them.

Method: ZOOM bleaching, 1.5 hours in the practice

Bleaching for beautiful white teeth

Bianca before the Invisalign treatment and before the bleaching

First Invisalign, then bleaching

Bianca after Invisalign treatment and after bleaching

Edona had before Homebleaching made, but we cleaned and a Swarovski stones set 🙂

Before Invisalign and home bleaching

Before Invisalign with old stone

After Invisalign treatment and before Swarowksi

After Invisalign, just before the new Swarowski stone

Nobody can refuse a stone in honor

Nobody can refuse a Swarowski in honor

The tooth is back in line

Everything tip top!