Bleaching – Teeth whitening: Take on the smiles of the advertisements!

Gleaming white teeth are seen mostly on people in the media, but soon you will have your own. You’ll just have to look in the mirror and… smile! Modern dentistry and dental aesthetics make this possible with a treatment called “bleaching. After the careful preparation of your teeth, we remove all unwanted discoloration, providing visible whitening of the enamel and a radiant smile. It’s a fast and safe procedure that will get you the results you want.

Natural teeth are subject to aging – over the years they suffer from various mechanical and chemical factors (like abrasion, nicotine, coffee, tea and red wine) and can darken in color. Deceased and root-treated teeth can become discolored and unsightly. Furthermore, age and congenital tooth color play a role in the look of your teeth. Certain medications, malnutrition, tooth decay and inherited diseases that affect the tooth enamel may be a cause of discoloration. It is important to know that tooth discoloration cannot be remedied by brushing your teeth, since the discoloration is stored beneath the tooth surface in the enamel and dentin. A professional dental cleaning before the bleaching is still needed to remove the layers of plaque.

Bleaching – How it works
Certain chemical, peroxide-based substances can be applied to the teeth by the dentist. The application of these bleaching agents is as simple as it is ingenious: they oxidize discolored organic components that have formed or were deposited over time in or on teeth (this is tooth discoloration). The pigments in the teeth are treated so that discolorations are no longer visible. In effect the enamel in the teeth is lightened. We use modern dentistry techniques that make sure that this process takes place in a gentle manner that protects both gum and teeth.

Power Bleaching / In-Office Bleaching: The 90-minute procedure

The fastest and most lasting method of bleaching! After an initial professional teeth cleaning, we cover the gums for protection and apply a bleaching agent directly to the teeth. Teeth are brightened  in one single session. Our office uses the the Zoom® method, which we present briefly below.

Zoom® Method: Radiant results from the market leader

Over one million successful treatments so far: let the facts speak for themselves! The Zoom® method is very effective, proven and time-saving. We too have received positive responses regarding this type of treatment and recommend it as the first choice in bleaching, providing the effective whitening of teeth and reversal of tooth discoloration.
The treatment process works like this:

  • First, the teeth are carefully cleaned
  • The lips are then protected with a well-adjusted lipguard
  • Subsequently, a special varnish is applied to the gums for protection
  • A patented bleaching gel is spread over the teeth and is activated with a special light. Carbamide peroxide in the gel now releases hydrogen peroxide, which diffuses into the teeth and there dissolves pigments
  • Finally, the teeth are polished with a fluoride gel
  • Radiant result are visible immediately. We also document the results for you with “before and after” photos

Things to know: The treatment may cause mild to moderate hypersensitivity of the teeth, which can continue for several days. Furthermore, in the first 24 hours the teeth surface will be a bit rougher and more porous, so they can be more readily susceptible to discoloring substances. Therefore,  during this period, it is recommended that you refrain from partaking in strongly colored foods like coffee or red wine. If you already have sensitive teeth, we recommend the particularly gentle laser whitening, also available in our office.

Laser teeth whitening: The choice for sensitive teeth

Unlike the so-called power bleaching with light, the bleaching agent during laser bleaching is only active under certain conditions. The minimal thermal side-effects that occur during power bleaching, are completely eliminated with this treatment. Therefore, hypersensitivity after laser bleaching occurs only very rarely. The benefits at a glance are:

  • Fast procedure
  • Instant results, which don’t require extra discipline at home
  • It’s painless – teeth and gums are protected
  • Monitoring by a dentist is guaranteed
  • Teeth whitened by approximately 2 color levels
  • Added benefits of teeth polishing with a complimentary fluoride gel.
  • We keep track of the results for you with “before and after” photos.

Power Bleaching costs:
The costs for both methods of bleaching is just 500 CHF per session (for all visible teeth). The price for individual teeth, for example one with a root canal treatment, is calculated according to the work needed and is estimated at around 50 CHF per tooth.

Home Bleaching:

Home bleaching is a procedure during which you wear custom-made trays at home for 5 to 10 days every day for about 2 hours. These trays can be kept after the treatment to be used at a later date for another bleaching or for a fluoridation inbetween. Before bleaching at home you will need a professional dental cleaning at the dentist as the teeth must be completely freed from plaque in advance. You may experience a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity, because home treatment requires the bleaching agent to stay on the teeth longer. So it will require a little more time than the other treatment options. The price is 390 CHF. Refills for bleaching at home are available in our office (40 CHF per packet).

SPECIAL OFFER in combination with power bleaching: Home Bleaching for just CHF 350

Do you want to keep the results of power bleaching for long periods or even intensify the effect? Then order the home bleaching kit after your power bleaching appointment. Please let us know in time before your bleaching appointment!

A consultation in our office will help you decide what the best method is for you.