Tooth Jewelry

A charming smile – shine brightly like a diamond

Tooth jewelry comes in many forms and is used to decorate the front teeth or the incisors using a special bonding material. We offer such embellishments as Twinkles (Brillis), Dazzler, Skyces and Grillz. The designs are available in our office for you to choose or you can bring your own preferred tooth jewelry. For example, you might like something in white gold. You decide what you like best!

Tooth ornaments and gemstones, along with teeth whitening really make more beautiful teeth. You will certainly attract attention! In the USA, 20% of young people have already chosen tooth jewelry for themselves and have made it a trend.

The prerequisite for dental jewelry is a healthy tooth substance or an intact filling. Once this is established the tooth surface will undergo a light polishing and the area for the jewel receives a transparent composite adhesive. After that, the desired dental jewelry is placed on that spot and is securely fixed with a dental curing light. The enamel remains intact. The whole procedure is completely painless.

Tooth jewelry that is professionally glued in a dentist office holds for several years and is compatible with your dental hygiene routine. That’s because modern and safe fastening materials are used in our dental practice. If at any time you want to remove the dental jewelry we can remove it quickly with a special tool. We will polish away any remaining bonding material and the tooth will look exactly as it looked before.

By letting your experienced dentist apply the tooth jewelry you can be sure it does not damage the tooth.
Whether you choose Twinkles (Brillis) or Dazzler, the placing of tooth jewelry is fast, taking about 20 minutes. It can also be replaced or removed at any time. After removal the tooth surface must be polished, much like after the removal of orthodontic brackets.

Twinkles and other dental jewelry are not the only way to make your teeth shine. A dental bleaching at your dentist’s office will give you sparkling white enamel. Furthermore, applying high quality veneers to front teeth has become increasingly popular.

Dazzler, Twinkles (Brillis), Skyces and Grillz – What is that?

Dazzler are shapes and symbols made of gold foil, often animals or stars. Twinkles, also called Brillis or Brillies are solid mounts made of real gold (yellow or white gold), which are usually combined with gemstones. The versions with cheaper crystal glass are called Skyces.
Seen more critically by dentists are Grillz, since they hinder effective tooth-brushing around the broad attachments. They are usually made of silver, white gold or platinum and are mainly known from music videos of famous hip-hop artists and rappers. The metal caps that are worn as jewelry on their teeth are usually detachable and are often decorated with diamonds or lettering. They are made by taking an impression of the upper teeth.

The Superstars – Swarovski gemstones

We also offer original Swarovski gemstones in our office. These high quality stones are manufactured in a special procedure. This leaves them pure, clear and absolutely free of inclusions, bubbles or streaks. They exist in Crystal, Shimmershell, Aquamarine, Saphire and Ruby. The mirror-smooth, polished facets of the stones are precisely cut and shine with the fire of diamonds and the sparkle of stars. Swarovski stones are not only the favorites of dentists, but of all gemstones lovers. Any more questions? Simply call or write us an email.


Mounting tooth jewelry costs around 80 CHF, depending on the type of stone. Add to that the price of the gemstone itself, which can range from free to 15 CHF for the finer Swarovski stones.