Dental hygiene and professional teeth cleaning: professional care from a specialist

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I already brush my teeth regularly. Why do I need occasional professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office?

Unfortunately, even with the best brushing technique and the diligent use of dental floss you will miss some corners and spaces around your teeth. At exactly these places small bits of food and saliva like to settle and over time cause dental plaque: a sticky accumulation of bacteria, which secrete acid and cell toxins and thus favor caries and periodontitis. If plaque stays too long, it hardens. The resulting tartar can no longer be removed by brushing alone.
This is when a professional cleaning at your dentist’s office, a proven building block in dental hygiene care, plays an important role.
Our specially trained dental hygienist, Ms. Nina Torres, is a master of her craft. She cares – meticulously and gently – for every single tooth. In addition to ensuring the thorough removal of plaque and tartar this prophylaxis includes smoothing out the teeth’s surface and applying a fluoride varnish to protect teeth and gums from decay.

How often should I go for a professional dental cleaning?

How can I keep my teeth clean more efficiently?

According to scientific studies on prophylaxis a professional dental cleaning every 6 months is very effective. This timeframe allows it to be combined perfectly with your semi-annual dental checkup.
If you are prone to caries, have starting signs of periodontal damage or wear braces, a more frequent cycle of dental hygiene can be necessary. A professional dental cleaning is also necessary before bleaching, as plaque will hinder optimum results. Your regular oral hygiene is not sufficient for effective bleaching.

Our office will give you practical tips and helpful information on how to maintain a perfect oral hygiene at home. There are always new developments in the field of hygiene, but also in types of toothbrushes, for example. Bring yourself up to date during your next visit by speaking with our dental hygienist. We also give you the opportunity to brighten the color of your teeth through bleaching, if you want to look great with shiny, white teeth. We will gladly advise you on the types of bleaching methods available.

What about the costs?

Keeping teeth and gums healthy must be affordable for everyone. This is a principle we maintain.
We are committed to fair prices while providing an excellent service. It is something we want you to be able to take advantage of. Bear in mind, with a regular dental hygiene schedule, you save yourself costs that diseased teeth or periodontal disease would entail. In order for you to get a clear picture of your future costs, we encourage you to call us for an estimate now.