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Captivating teeth with dental jewelry - this trend let your smile shine like a diamond

Beautiful teeth and thus, captivating smiles thanks to creative dental decorations are hip. In the United States already 21 percent of all teenagers have had dental jewelry applied to their teeth. Incidentally, tooth jewelry are decorations on the front teeth or incisors that are glued with the help of special adhesives. Shiny jewels, gold or glitter ensure a radiant smile and make your teeth even more beautiful.

Zähne mit Zahnschmuck

Seize the chance to let your smile become even more radiant and start walking through life with more glamour and confidence. Maybe you are also looking for a new job or a suitable partner right now, too? Enchant your counterpart with an absolute eye-catcher.

The whole procedure is completely painless and under professional guidance. It leaves no residues whatsoever, so the jewelry is changable and removable as well. Keep the following overview of various options and tips for correct handling in mind, so that you will enjoy your radiant and beautiful smile for a long time to come.

Popular trends and different types of tooth jewelry

The available different jewels and glitter stones are very diverse and creative. The spectrum ranges from Twinkles (Brillis), Dazzler, Skyces and Grillz to tooth caps and tooth tattoos.

• Twinkles (Brillis)
Twinkles are small strass-stones that are permanently glued on. Nowadays they are used in different colors and shapes. These are applied correctly by treating the adhesive area with a solution that roughenes the tooth surface. This way the glue holds tooth surface and stones better together.

• Dazzler
Gold foil is referred to as dazzler that your dentist sticks directly onto your teeth. In this case, too, the tooth surface is roughened beforehand so the special adhesive holds best.

• Skyces
Skyces are little sparkling pieces glued to tooth crowns or dental necks and consists mostly of diamonds, zirconia or crystal stones. The dentists have to drills a tiny hole in the enamel and sticks the stones right in. Regular dental care, several times a day, is imperative to keep the tooth healthy.

• Grillz
Grillz are metal caps that are placed over the front teeth. High-quality grillz are made of platinum, gold or silver, but cheaper versions are also possible. The metal caps are decorated with precious stones, sometimes even with letterings, too. Professional work and thorough cleaning is imperative as well to ensure the health of the teeth.

• Dental caps
These metal dental caps are mostly made of silver, gold or platinum and are also slipped over the front teeth and can be decorated further as desired. Dental caps or rap caps are particularly popular with hip hop and rap artists.

• Dental-Tattoos
Like body tattoos dental tattoos are small images that are attached to the incisors. Depending on whether these should last permanently, the motives are applied differently. Long-lasting dental tattoos are placed on a tooth crown, which makes it necessary to pre-treat the tooth. Alternatively, you can choose from motives that detach themselves after a few days.

Enjoy the luxury of choice and the help of professional hands to bring even more radiance to your appearance.

A few tips for the correct handling of your dental jewelry, so that your smile may shine for a long time to come.

One of the most important prerequisites for dental jewelry are healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. It is best to get advice from a specialist aka your dentist. If your teeth are affected by caries or when you have periodontitis, you will have to clarify the conditions in advance. Your dentist will also discuss any known material allergies with you, so you stay on the safe side.

For a lifelong, symptom-free radiant smile, you should go to a dentist and have your tooth jewelry inserted by professional hands. We advise strongly against tooth jewelry glued on with superglue.


Shine bright like a diamond - your teeth and smile can sparkle like diamonds. With the right care and professional treatment, even for a lifetime. A radiant smile and enchanting appearance are at your disposal.

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