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The positive effect of beautiful teeth is quite amazing.
White, attractive teeth are almost immediately associated with vitality, youthfulness and health and that happens even before a smile increases this effect. A smile can be extremely charming. You too can have this effect on people.
With beautiful teeth you will find that people see you as more likeable. They will trust you more readily and want to be around you. This has a positive effect on your self-image and self-esteem. Your appearance in general will improve. Your regained confidence means you will smile more and spread your good mood, as other people acknowledge you and instinctively return your positive energy. This effect on other people can even change a whole life! All because of beautiful, natural-looking teeth.

Wie wichtig die Zahnästhetik ist, wussten schon die Phönizier und Etrusker. Bereits 1000 Jahre v. Chr. wurden Zähne aus Elfenbein, aus Holz, von Tieren oder Verstorbenen als Zahnersatz verwendet und mit Golddrähten an verbliebene gesunde gebunden. Die «Zahnärzte» von damals mussten nun mal mit dem arbeiten, was zur Verfügung stand.

Modern dental medecine provides you with the advances and developments of our time. There is a lot on offer.
Our motivation to take advantage of these offers are white teeth, a natural smile and healthy gums which we can be proud of at an affordable, efficient and reasonable cost.

Bleaching – teeth whitening

Smiling woman mouth with great teeth. Over white backgroundA proven classic of cosmetic dentistry! Whiten your teeth noticeably with power bleaching in just 90 minutes and restore their natural hue.

Teeth age as people do: over time teeth change shape and color as we use them in daily life. The extent to which they darken also depends on lifestyle. Foods such as tea, coffee, wine, curry and smoking enduce discoloration.

Professional teeth cleaning helps remove the superficial layer of deposits and discoloration. The bleaching of teeth on the other hand reverses discoloration from the depths of the enamel layer through an oxidation process. In our office, we use both the very efficient method Zoom® and the gentler laser whitening. Click Bleaching here to learn more about teeth whitening.

Microabrasion – minimally invasive removal of white and brown spots

In this treatment we etch away partially altered and discolored parts of the enamel with a special paste. Subsequently, the teeth are polished and fluoridated.

Teeth straightening with Invisalign – effective and gentle

Schöne ZähneUsing virtually invisible and removable aligners, the teeth can be effectively and discreetly straightened, even in adulthood.

It is a very powerful tool against crooked teeth and has already been proven over a million times. Let us advise you!

Professional teeth cleaning – Beautiful, healthy teeth for a lifetime

Beautiful woman smile. Dental health care clinic.

The semi-annual visit to the dentist should always include a professional dental cleaning. Our trained and very experienced dental hygienist cares gently for each tooth and thoroughly removes plaque and calculus that form in almost all people in hard-to-reach dental areas despite thorough care. A professional teeth cleaning is also a valuable prophylaxis because it smooths the teeth surfaces which are then covered with a protective fluoride varnish. Your teeth can last a lifetime and keep their beautiful shine.

Crowns and veneers – natural teeth thanks to full-ceramics

Schöne Zähne 2Zahnkronen aus Metall sind nicht nur schon lange «out», sondern sie sehen auch unschön aus. Mit modernster Cerec-Technologie können wir diese durch farbgenaue Vollkeramikkronen ersetzen, die sich perfekt in das restliche Gebiss einfügen.

In addition, we offer ultra-thin, custom-made ceramic caps, called veneers, which are bonded to the visible region of the front teeth (rarely the side teeth) in order to embellish a row of teeth or individual teeth.

Healthy gums – healing and preservation

Schönes ZahnfleischA natural, radiant smile not only comes from white teeth, but is also related to healthy gums, when these are a rosy pink. In periodontology our aim is to preserve healthy gums and provide rapid intervention when we see early signs of periodontitis. Among other things, we can recognize an upcoming periodontitis by its typical red to purple color, inflammation and/or even bleeding of the gums. In any of these cases you can make use of our successful treatment concept. This takes the form of preventative action, systematic gum treatment and subsequent regular reviews of progress made.

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Beautiful teeth shouldn’t remain a dream. Do you want a personalized, inexpensive offer that is cutting-edge at the same time? It will be our pleasure.
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