Oral Surgery

Oralchirurgie Zürich

Modern, gentle treatment in the heart of Zurich

Certain ailments and conditions of the mouth and jaw require oral surgery.
Many years of experience and modern technology allow us to offer you the benefits of a minimally invasive and careful treatment. Dr. Med. Dent. Dana Marinescu and her charming team will put you at ease in a personal and relaxed atmosphere.

Our treatment spectrum includes among other things implantology, bone augmentation, removal of wisdom teeth, resection of a root tip, frenectomy, removal of cysts and other diagnostic and therapeutic measures.


In very difficult cases we cooperate with renowned colleagues, both in oral surgery, as well as in endodontics. So you can trust that you will always be treated by the best hands.


Bone augmentation

In case of loss of single or multiple teeth

The placing of artificial teeth, so-called implants, is achieved by means of screw threads that are inserted firmly into the jawbone. They fit seamlessly into the existing dentition and also offer maximum support and comfort for dentures. Implants replace the natural roots in an elegant, painless manner and ensure an optimal, secure feeling when chewing and speaking. For more information, click Implants.

Bone augmentation – skillfully rebuilding the jawbone at the dentist office

There are different causes for the slow degradation of bone substance in the maxilla and mandible, which can cause the teeth to lose stability and the necessary support over the years. Especially in the field of implantology, a sufficiently stable and high jawbone is required for the placement of implants. If there is insufficient bone it can be rebuilt using modern methods. Sometimes the body’s own bone material can be used, but there are substitute materials.

Pulling wisdom teeth

Tip of the root resection

Not enough space in the jaw

Often there is no room in the jaw for the wisdom teeth. To forestall problems such as function loss, shifting teeth, inflammation, misalignments and cyst formation, the pulling of individual teeth may be required.
But no need to worry: we only extract teeth when absolutely necessary. The preservation of the natural teeth is our most important goal. If it is however, necessary to pull a tooth this is done as gently as possible. For a painless treatment a local anesthetic is usually sufficient. Should the wisdom teeth be in a difficult position in the jaw, so that removal carries a great risk, we will refer you to a further specialist: an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

What and why?

The resection (removal) of the tip of a tooth’s root is usually necessary for chronically inflamed root tips or after previous inadequate root canal removals. It is performed by the dentist, who seals the root canal afterwards. The resection is an effective measure for long-term preservation of teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.
With the removal of the root tip and the inflamed tissue, then sealing of the root canal tightly against bacteria, resection effectively prevents infections of the surrounding bone tissue and possible loss of teeth.

Separation of the labial frenulum

Close the gap

The labial frenulum (technical term: frenulum media) is located centrally between the front incisors. If it attaches very low and is very sturdy, it is sometimes the cause of a conspicuous gap between the two front teeth. In addition, gums may recede, because of the strong tension of the ligament. It can also cause an aggravation of an existing periodontitis. The frenulum can interfere with the seating of a prosthesis, as it may remain there even after a loss of the central incisors.

The separation or even removal of the lip frenulum, when necessary, is usually performed in childhood by a specialist, but is also possible in adulthood. It is a minimally invasive procedure and is done quickly and painlessly. We use a laser for this procedure in our office.