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We treat you at home
Thanks to our mobile treatment unit our dentists are even more flexible . In concrete terms, this means for you that we can treat you directly on site. This applies in particular to elderly homes, nursing homes and for impaired patients. Treatments at home is possible, too!

For a better life at age
With old age, we face particular health challenges. Teeth and the teeth holding apparatus change. Caries is a growing focus. Problems with the gum are increasing. Insufficient prostheses cause problems and even pain. If a limited mobility is added, the maintenance of a healthy bite and of oral hygiene is often a hurdle difficult to overcome. However, oral health is indispensable for the quality of life in old age, as the masticatory function supports and promotes whole-body mobility. Healthy mouth conditions mean improved quality of life. With our mobile dentist service, we offer you the perfect solution for overcoming oral problems and ensure the health of your mouth and teeth.

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On-site services

Your healthy smile in old age is our claim! By acquiring a mobile treatment unit, we have expanded our range of services. We are delighted to be able to make an important contribution to the dental care and thus to the quality of life on site – precisely where you need us! Restoring and maintaining a healthy oral cavity with reliable teeth and functioning dentures is our goal.

  • Diagnostic findings and check-ups
    The elderly and movement-impaired people are exposed to particular health risks. This is especially true for residents of nursing homes, or elderly people living alone at home. A thorough entrance examination, regular check-ups as well as professional cleanings are the basic pillars of the mobile dentistry service.
  • Smaller treatments
    We do small work on the spot. These include small dental fillings, repairs and corrections to the existing dental prosthesis, re-attachment of crowns, basic cleaning and temporary linings of prostheses as well as treatment of pressure marks. In addition, we react very quickly in case of emergency in order to ensure rapid relief. Extractions are also possible on site.
  • Larger treatments
    For larger treatments e.g. the manufacturing of a new prosthesis or for repairs and definite linings, for which the collaboration with a dental laboratory is required, we will be happy to provide you with a noncommittal estimate. There are usually several options possible. After consultation with the patient, we decide together for the best solution.

Benefits for patients & care facilities

  • Treatments in the usual environment
  • Better oral – and general health, thereby reduction of emergencies
  • Optimization of nutrition and improvement of mobility through activation of the masticatory muscles.
  • Fewer infections (e.g., lung infections through aspiration)
  • Reduced transport costs and organization of accompanying staff for the care facilities.

Look forward to great flexibility, respectful contact and considerate and gentle treatments.

Service und prices

Our well-trained team is looking forward to treating you right on site. Our mobile service is generally available on Fridays between 9 am and 5 pm. On appointment we can meet you also on other days.

The costs of the treatments, for you as a patient, amount to a maximum of 200 to 300 CHF, for an examination with professional teeth cleaning. Emergency treatments or smaller treatments, which can be necessary for the examination, usually do not exceed 650 CHF. For larger treatments, we will prepare a cost estimate for you or the insurance company.
The services for the self-paying patient are charged with a tax value of CHF 3.50 (equals 1,05 of the new Dentotar rate). For all other guarantors (public welfare, health insurance or accident insurance),
the mandatory minimum tax value of CHF 3.10 applies (equals 1,00 of the new Dentotar rate).

Do you have further questions?
Just contact us! We are happy to help you.