Invisalign – straighten teeth with transparent braces

A beautiful smile for a new, fantastic feeling!

With Invisalign you will gain new self-confidence as gives you a fresh, youthful look. It is never too late for beautiful teeth. Invisalign is for adults of all ages!

Have you ever thought about having your teeth straightened or closing some gaps? Or maybe you have functional problems and feel the space in your jaw is too confined? Maybe it’s a case where early orthodontics was neglected or not viable. It is still possible to correct the position of the teeth as an adult. More than 3 million satisfied people make Invisalign a trusted option.

Mit Invisalign erhalten Sie ohne grossen Aufwand das Lächeln, das Sie sich schon immer gewünscht haben. Dazu werden spezielle, herausnehmbare, durchsichtige Schienen verwendet, die genau auf Ihre Zähne abgestimmt werden. Die Schienen, «Aligner» genannt, sind sehr komfortabel und fallen im Alltag absolut nicht auf. Sie werden alle 2-3 Wochen gewechselt und korrigieren so nach und nach die Zahnstellung. Praktisch, einfach, bequem und sicher.

Gerade Zähne durch Invisalign Schiene

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The aligners are made of transparent plastic and can hardly be seen. That is already one clear advantage compared with metal brackets. The aligners are removable, so you can eat anything you like in your own time. Take them out briefly when you want to eat or brush your teeth.

This versatility means you won’t have a problem maintaining a good oral hygiene and fresh breath.

The final result is can be seen on the virtual model and the treatment plan is clear prior to the start of the entire procedure. You can see from the very beginning how your teeth will look afterwards. Click here for our invisalign blog post.

What does the process involve exactly?

Other systems and costs of Invisalign:

In an initial examination, relevant personal documents (X-ray images, photos and models of the jaw and bite) are examined afterwhich the planned movement of the teeth is simulated in a computer program. The process and results are stored digitally. Using this prognostic, a series of transparent retainers are custom-made for you. Each new set is delivered according to the time-frame set to achieve the desired final alignment.

The movement of each tooth into position is based on precise functional aspects and adjustments that are made at 2 to 3 week intervals. In other words, you wear each aligner for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, after which the next transparent brace is given. The treatment duration depends on your individual situation and usually lasts between 3-18 months (depending on the scope of the teeth correction).
Die Behandlung dauert situationsabhängig zwischen 3 und 18 Monaten (je nach Grösse der Zahnkorrektur).

OrthoPulse – The turbo in dental correction

The OrthoPulse is a clinically tested machine which stimulates the bone around the root of the tooth with a slight light impulse. Studies have shown that this works well and this tool is increasingly being implemented by orthodontists to speed up the process. You can expect one week less per aligner, bringing the treatment time to half it’s length.
Each day’s movement is documented in an App so that you can observe the changes in tooth position and follow the treatment progress yourself.

For minor corrections we can use two other systems. Clear Aligner or the Harmony Brace° from Orthos..

Depending on the extent and nature of the required teeth movement, we decide together which system is best for you. We then create your individual treatment and cost plan.

The costs are usually between 2,000 CHF (front, slight corrections) and 8,000 CHF (for a full treatment).
The additional costs for an accelarated treatment with OrthoPulse amounts to 1400 CHF.

What are aligners?

The virtually invisible aligners are made of a stable thermoplastic material. This material was specifically designed for medical use. It has been certified for the use by Invisalign and is well tolerated by mouth tissue.

Is Invisalign painful?

When you get a new aligner for the next stage of the treatment, you may experience a slight, temporary discomfort. There may be some pressure. This is quite normal and a sign that the aligners are functioning properly. At the same time, the aligners are gradually bringing your teeth into the desired position. The discomfort will usually abate after two to three days.